About Us

Steelworking still has a presence in Workington in the shape of the Tata heavy engineering works which, among other things, makes components for blast furnaces. The last part of the main steelworks disappeared in 2005 with the closure of the rail mil and long welded rail plant. Rails had been made in Workington and exported over the world for 128 years.
Leyland established its national factory in 1971 at nearby Lillyhall.

Over a life of less than a quarter of a century the factory despatched thousands of Nationals, Lynxes, Olympians, Titans and rail buses. As well as being bus (and rail) enthusiasts, we want to mark the unique contribution of the town to the country’s economic and cultural development.

WTHT (Workington Transport Heritage Trust)

  • Our vehicles include a number of buses, fire engines and other vehicles some of which are used in community events. Volunteers are engaged in restoring, maintaining and operating these historic vehicles.
  • We have an extensive archive of local bus and rail material. This includes posters, signs, publicity materials, books, magazines, drawings, photographs, and petrol pumps.
  • Our shop at Workington railway station sells hot & cold drinks, snacks, souvenirs, WTHT branded items and second hand books. It is by the main waiting room, and is openĀ  Mon & Tue 9am – 2pm, Wed, Thu & Fri 9am – 4.30pm. It is currently closed on Saturdays during conductors’ strike action days. All hours are subject to volunteer availability.
  • Using our heritage buses, we have runĀ  free buses on Boxing Day, but these are currently suspended as local operator Stagecoach has recently started Boxing Day services.
  • Our premises are home to around 11 of our own vehicles plus 11 privately owned guest vehicles. Not all of these are currently fit for the road.
  • We work with groups which include Cumbria Omnibus Group, The 550 Group, Barrow Transport Group, Carlisle Bus Group, and a number of individual owners.
  • We are working on the aim of having just one site large enough to accommodate all our collection, where we can open regularly to make our vehicles and archives more accessible to the public.
  • We are grateful for the support of our members, and local businesses including Stagecoach North West and Northern Rail.
  • We have volunteering opportunities in all aspects of restoring, maintaining and driving vehicles. Also in buildings and site maintenance, cataloguing & running our archive, producing educational materials, running trips and events, and fundraising.
  • If you are interested in getting involved, please feel free to contact us.